Get to Know JC-Suzie Q Puppy (Oakley)

Breed [1]

Husky,Black Labrador Retriever



Age [1]

2 year(s)

Eye Color


Fur Color

white, black

Meet JC-Suzie Q Puppy (Oakley)


About JC-Suzie Q Puppy (Oakley)

Hi my name is JC. My mom is a husky-mix and my dad, we are unsure what he is, but we think he's a black lab. I am currently with my brother Chico in a foster home and we are waiting for our forever home. I am a total mommas boy! I love cuddling with my human mama and she loves it too. I know the command “sit” and I am trying to learn “stay” but it’s a work in progress. I can be a bit mischievous- but I am a puppy. I love to play, run and fetch. I enjoy bathing unlike my silly brother. I even found my humans bath tub and jumped in there myself to try to take another bath. It didn’t work. I do spend time at the dog park with my brother Chico- he’s more of the social one, however, I behave well at the dog park and often run around with my human instead. I also have not had any accidents in the crate when my humans are away at work. I am a lovable puppy waiting to love my perfect human forever! Right now I weigh 20-30 lbs but I'm going to grow-up to be about 50-60 lbs.


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Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes spacer

Children under 12: Yes spacer

Husky/Special Experience: No

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  [1] If age or breed are unknown, our vet will make a determination from the pets dental and physical features.