Separation Anxiety


Separation Anxiety: The I'm Lonely Syndrome.


A new adoption, foster or change in your personal life can spark it and you can't be mad at what they are going through. If you could spend time with yourself, wouldn't you?


Separation Anxiety is a destructive behavior or outburst by your Husky. They do things to try and keep themselves occupied while you're gone. This "anxiety" could result in damage to the house or even injury to the dog itself which is when medication is needed by your vet. Some examples of this kind of behavior are:

  • tearing apart the crate
  • chewing the wood off a door or window
  • having accidents in the house

Dog's are like clocks, they like being in a "routine" and having a "job". So this is when you need to work on your schedule with them and getting them to be in your "routine" and giving them a "job" to do. If you give them the "job" and "routine" while you're at home, then their separation is likely to slow down and get used to the schedule. 

When you adopt a Husky, they were already in a "routine".  When you bring them home for the first time, you should expect them to react positively or negatively to the routine change.  

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