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Fosting Dogs

How to Foster a Dog

Are you considering opening your home to a foster dog? Dogs in shelters often have a hard time finding forever homes, so fostering can be a great way to help them out while also getting some puppy love in your own home! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some of the things you need to do to foster a dog.

Choose the Right Breed

Not all breeds do well in foster care – some get too attached and have a hard time when their fosters leave, while others never seem to warm up no matter how long they stay. Do your research to find a breed that will fit well into your lifestyle and personality.

Find a Good Shelter or Rescue Organization

Once you’ve decided on a breed, it’s time to start looking for dogs that need foster homes. A good shelter or rescue organization will have a process in place for vetting potential fosters, so make sure you go through their system.

Prepare your Home

Before you bring your foster dog home, make sure you do some preparations around the house. Puppies, in particular, need rooms that are puppy-proofed – this means getting rid of anything small enough to fit into their mouths and putting away anything fragile or valuable. You’ll also want to set up an area where they can sleep and eat comfortably.

Be Patient with Your Foster Dog

It takes most dogs a little bit of time to adjust to their new surroundings, so be patient while they get used to you and your home. If possible, try to keep their routine as similar to what they’re used to as possible during this transition period.

Keep Communication Open with the Rescue Organization

Keep the lines of communication open with your rescue organization throughout the duration of your fostering experience. They can offer guidance and support when needed!

Give your Fostered Dog Plenty of Love

Providing love and attention is essential for any foster pet parent. Remember, you are helping to give this dog a second chance at finding his or her forever home!

Fostering a dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience – not just for the dog, but for you as well! By following these simple tips, you can open up your home and heart to a furry friend in need and provide them with the love and care they deserve. If you are looking to foster or adopt a Siberian Husky please contact us today as we always have dogs available for adoption or foster care.



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