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About Us a Siberian Husky Rescue

Forever Husky, is a 501(c)(3) non profit charitable organization started in 2009 by our Founder, Lance Laureys. He created the Siberian Husky rescue after seeing the countless number of animals that needed help while not just waiting at dog shelters, but at the rescues as well. The limitations of volunteer time and the struggle to generate enough financial support to provide basic care and medical attention to the animals were obstacles that had to be addressed each day. For every dog that was lucky enough to find a home there were two more waiting to take its place. He found myself thinking that there had to be a better way to support these animals. There had to be a way to save a dog’s life while still providing a quality of life that could be justified by more than the “better alive in a kennel than not alive at all” mentality.

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Forever Husky’s believes that the best way to help achieve our goal is by working with others to help achieve their goals. Our reach extends beyond our rescue and even our state. We work with organizations and volunteer fosters across the country to help provide assistance to animal rescue efforts.

Forever Husky is currently a foster-based Siberian Husky rescue organization and, as a result, we rely on adoption events and social media as our primary source of communication with the community. We help provide funding for veterinary care, assistance when pulling animals from shelters in our area, and support for other items that directly benefit rescue animals.

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