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Strays & Safe Harbor Policy


Forever Husky’s policy and procedures on how we handle Strays is documented below to ensure that animals do get to a safe place.

Scan Stray for Microchip Information

  • If microchip found, contact the microchip company to find owner
  • If no microchip is found, check for tags
    • If tags are found, contact owner
    • If no tags are found, create flyer to post for local Animal Control and/or post on Facebook

Contact local Animal Control and provide details about the stray that has been found.

Is Stray a Husky

  • Yes
    • They will be brought to our vet for review and observation
    • If no microchip or tags were found, Forever Husky will microchip the Stray. This will ensure that the current owner can register the microchip if the dog should run stray in the future and their owners contacted
    • Any open wounds found during observation will receive care by our vet office to prevent infection
  • No
    • They will be picked up or brought to Animal Control for their review and observation

Owner found with-in 7 days

  • Yes
    • Owner will have to bring proper identification, previous vetting and photo of Animal to validate ownership. This ensures that the proper owner is found that the Stray belongs to.
    • Persusant to Section 13.01 (page 33) of McHenry County Animal Control ordinance, Forever Husky shall also fine the owner and be paid before your Husky can be picked up.[1]
  • No
    • Stray becomes the property of Forever Husky or Animal Control.

[1] The fines imposed by Forever Husky’s are taken from the McHenry County Animal Control ordinance and may change at any time.

The mistreatment of Huskies

If you find a Husky that is being abused or mistreated, we encourage you to report the owner to the local Animal Control and advise that a wellness check is needed. Here’s the most common example we advise our callers that want to report abuse:

ie: the Husky is living outside and there is no food, water or shelter.

If Animal Control does nothing and you need assistance, you can click on the Contact Us at the top and report the incident so that we may further take steps with Animal Control and the owner to ensure that they either give up the dog to a better home or follow the rules and regulations of the Department of Agriculture and the local Animal Control ordinances.