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Nannuk and Qannik are a gorgeous pair of fun loving pups. Nannuk is stoic and regal with a beautiful trot, and while he looks like a tough guy he's a complete softy! Qannik is a bit of a goofball, loves to cuddle, and taunt; definitely the class clown. They are good walkers but are a working breed and need to be reminded to "stay with me" from time to time. They aren't much into tricks but are obedient, they sit while being cleaned up after, lay down, and resist treats until told to "take it". Treats include the usual pet store fair and most vegetables, the crunchier the better. They love a good brushing and being huskies they need it regularly. They LOVE to wrestle and can run up to 4 miles, maybe more with regular conditioning. But are also very content relaxing around the house. The most wonderful place in the world is the dog park, they are both huge flirts and love to say hi to everyone, dog or human. They almost never bark, yes really, they only bark if you taunt them. They never howl, they will whine on occasion but will stop with a firm "hush". They are strong yet gentle souls that need a confident pack leader and loving environment.


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  [1] If age or breed are unknown, our vet will make a determination from the pets dental and physical features.