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Breed [1]




Age [1]

5 year(s)

Eye Color


Fur Color

Black, White

Meet Lokki


About Lokki

Lokki is a beautiful, bi-eyed, young Siberian Husky who is currently working on his house training in his foster home. He is learning to like his crate and enjoys spending some quality time in his “dog cave”. Though he would prefer his crate to be open so he can come and go as he pleases, he admits that being bribed with treats to go in his cave when his foster family leaves for the day isn’t such a bad deal. Although fairly well behaved, Lokki does have a bit of a naughty and sneaky side to him and will occasionally steal something he shouldn’t have. If you catch him, he’ll give you a little attitude, but admits that bribes will certainly be welcomed in this situation as well. Lokki and Captain Jack Sparrow agree--Why fight when you can negotiate? A talkative sweetheart, he is gentle with treats and knows, “sit, stay, down, and paw”. He LOVES going for walks with his pack and is still working to improve his leash manners. He is not currently recommended with small/young children, has not been cat tested, and is a bit picky about his other canine housemates as well as his food space with respect to them. Lokki needs regular exercise and long walks. This young handsome boy is looking for a home that is willing spend the time and training that it will take to help him grow into a fine young man.


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Cats: We're not sure yet

Dogs: Yes spacer

Children under 12: Yes spacer

Husky/Special Experience: No

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  [1] If age or breed are unknown, our vet will make a determination from the pets dental and physical features.