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Hi, my name is Willie. I was an owner surrender and lived outside on a chain. Everything was new to me when I came to my foster home. So as you can imagine, it was a little scary and I was a little skittish. I had never lived inside a house before and wow, I couldn’t believe how new and strange everything was to me. Being outside all the time with owners who didn’t care really didn’t help my diet or my complexion. But, with good care in my #ForeverHusky foster home I’ve put on enough weight that I’ve made the vet happy at my just about 80 lbs. I’m still working on my weight and my complexion too. I had some skin issues that have been cleared up and I am getting in some new soft fur too. I take Zinc supplements every day now but I’m really not sure how long I’ll need them. They are not very expensive. It could be forever or just for a short time. As I said, I’m still working on that. I want you to know that even though in the beginning of my life people did not care for me, I still love all people and and am very friendly with them. I also live with 3 other dogs and do well with them. I am still adjusting to meeting new ones. And hey, I walk well on a leash, no tugging or pulling. My foster mom calls me a gentle giant. I think I agree. I love to cuddle and sleep in bed with her. I’m pretty smart too. I learned basic skills like sit, stay and paw. I am also crate trained and potty trained. One thing is for sure, I don’t do well with small animals.


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Cats: Not recommended

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  [1] If age or breed are unknown, our vet will make a determination from the pets dental and physical features.