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Age [1]

2 year(s)

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red, white

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About Artemis

Playful, happy, curious, intelligent, friendly, joyous. These are a few words that describe Artemis. He views the world in wonderment. This handsome puppy loves all people and dogs. He runs up to everyone with his “Hi. Glad to meet you. Want to play?” Artie is crate trained. He is potty trained, jingling the bells on the door handle when he needs to go out. He would enjoy puppy training class but there would need to be a few adjustments to his training. You see, this wonderful, happy, loving pup has a handicap. He has motor and balance difficulty due to brain abnormalities in his cerebellum and brain stem. This does not affect his intelligence at all. Artemis spent two days in the hospital at the Vet clinic at the University of Wisconsin in Madison being evaluated and tested, including an MRI and spinal tap. His prognosis was that he would have a normal life span and his current issues would not get worse but would not improve. He would need an adopter who would make adjustments for his issues. The first thing you notice he goose steps when he walks. When running he bunny hops but is a fast runner. His legs are stiff and that and his poor balance make it somewhat difficult to walk or run on slippery ground outdoors and smooth floors indoors. Artie does well on carpet. Stairs are a hazard for Artemis. He avoids them. He could easily lose his balance and fall, especially going down stairs. He must always be walked using a harness, never a collar due to motor problems in his neck.


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  [1] If age or breed are unknown, our vet will make a determination from the pets dental and physical features.