Get to Know Woody

Breed [1]

Siberian Husky



Age [1]

10 year(s)

Eye Color


Fur Color

Brown, White

Meet Woody


About Woody

Woody is fully vetted (until 2017), is microchipped, and neutered. He has had training, and submits when you assert yourself. He knows sit, down, come, off, wait, "go for a walk", "leave it", "go for a ride", and lets you know when he has to go out... he also waits patiently for dinner and is a sucker for a bit of parmesan cheese on his food. Tidbits of hot dog, kong play, or a face rub is a great tool for reinforcing his training. However, he is stubborn towards people who are pushovers.

Nothing upsets him so far - no food/toy guarding, drops toys when told, totally ok during thunderstorm, and incredibly friendly/affectionate to any human who goes to pet him (or makes eye contact). We are convinced he is secretly a golden retriever because he leans up against you for a face rub and will play fetch with the kong for as long as you want. Woody is a lovebug who is very curious, playful, and EAGER to please (food/kong/toy-oriented). He is a typical teenager-type dog who tests boundaries and needs consistent routine/training reinforcement - he seems well-adjusted with no aggression towards big dogs or humans - but he will attack (HUNT) small animals (small dogs, cats, squirrels, etc).

He is crate trained, and will self-soothe with his kong/toy after a few minutes. Woody does cry when locked in the crate, but then settles down and will chew on whatever is close - he's been ok for 1-4 hours at a time during the day in the crate, ok for bedtime. He will chew on bedding/soft things if left alone for too long (which no dog ever should).


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Cats: Not recommended

Dogs: Yes spacer

Children under 12: Yes spacer

Husky/Special Experience: Yes

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  [1] If age or breed are unknown, our vet will make a determination from the pets dental and physical features.