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Fostering Process

1. Understand Fostering

To foster an animal means providing temporary shelter to an animal from a rescue organization or animal shelter until it can be placed in its permanent home. The length of time can vary from one week to several months, depending on the individual pet’s requirements. It’s crucial to keep in mind that fostering should not be viewed as adopting, as the ultimate aim is for the pet to find its forever home. Make sure to learn more about fostering to determine if you are a good candidate before moving onto the application process.

2. Application

Taking the step to foster a dog with us is an important decision, so we want to ensure that we are properly prepared for the process. By reviewing our frequently asked questions and determining that you are a good candidate for fostering, you are taking the necessary steps to effectively help a pup in need. To move forward in the application process, please fill out our fostering application. Providing as much information as possible within this application will speed up the next steps of the adoption process. We appreciate your time and efforts in aiding us in making sure that these animals find loving forever homes!

3. Review Process

Filling out an application to foster is an important first step in the process. After we receive your application, we validate references and ensure that any animals currently in your household are up to date with their vaccinations for the safety of all involved. We also require a video home inspection to make sure our animals are placed in suitable living conditions. Every item on this list – from reference checks to vaccination verifications – is essential for the protection and wellbeing of the animals in our care.

4. Creating a Match!

When it comes to a successful foster placement for an animal, finding the right fit is essential. Various elements must be taken into consideration, such as experience level, types of households, and daily schedules of both the animal and the foster family. It is important to ensure that both parties feel comfortable in their roles and understand the needs of the animal before beginning any sort of fostering relationship. Furthermore, pairing a foster parent with a compatible animal allows for a smoother transition from one home to another, giving everyone involved peace of mind throughout the entire process.

5. Providing Supplies

When a foster parent and animal have been matched, Forever Husky takes the necessary steps to get the ideal supplies delivered right to the foster home. These supplies may include vital items such as a comfortable crate to provide shelter, any necessary medications, sufficient amounts of food, and toys. Our aim is always to ensure that the foster parent and animal have everything they need for a successful fostering experience.

6. Training

During the first two weeks of fostering, the primary focus should be setting up routines and getting to know your foster animals unique behaviors. We are here to answer any questions that may arise through fostering, so don’t forget to join our Forever Husky volunteer group on Facebook for support!

7. Adoption Process

When a potential adopter shows interest in one of the dogs being fostered by Forever Husky, our vetting process mirrors that of the fostering process. After successful completion of the screens, the foster parent schedules an in-home meeting between them, their own pet(s) and the foster dog. On this visit, not only does the family introduce themselves to the dog, but also learn about his/her character. If all parties are comfortable with each other and the decision is made to adopt, then Forever Husky will be notified afterward so we can finalize paperwork. With our thorough vetting program, Forever Husky strives to ensure every animal finds a loving and suitable home for life.

8. Final Adoption!

Once we’ve established that the match between the adopted animal and its new family is suitable, a contract and an invoice will be sent to them for completion. We also provide resources that give potential pet parents knowledge about what items are needed for their new furry family member and how to set up their home in order for it to be as stress free as possible for the animal. After all documents have been filled out, we then deliver the dog within 7 days, ensuring it’s safe and healthy arrival into its new forever home.

Questions & Answers About Fostering

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