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For the second year in a row, the Great Non Profits tells Forever Husky that we are a Top-Rated Non Profit organization.

Forever Husky asissts Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary with donations, and a tool to post Animals that are ready to adopt online.

Forever Husky, Inc. and Kalmazoo Husky Club come together to improve community development and socialization of huskies in the Great Lakes Region.

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In December of 2015, Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary and the President of Forever Husky begin working together in continuing its mission to save more lives.

Over the course of 10 years, Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary has saved hundreds of animals that came from cases involving animal cruelty or hoarding, those who were dumped at local shelters/vet clinics to be euthanized, ones were nobody could properly manage their medical condition or when families have lost their home. Private funding was used for medical costs, training and care for these animals with the hope of one day finding them their forever home. As the private funds are now being exhausted, we are reaching out to assist Happy Tails in continuing its mission, much likes ours, to save more animals, rehabilitate them and find them their forever home. We are hoping that you will continue to support Happy Tails in its mission by making a donation, assisting with rescuing new animals, facilitating the rehab process or giving them the life they deserve were they are wagging their “happy tails” in their forever home.

Donations can be made online https://www.youcaring.com/htasinc or if you prefer you can mail your donation to Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary, PO BOX 2510, Crystal Lake, IL 60039.

Forever Husky & KnowPlace Pets - Stay & Play, Inc. have partnered together to provide expert training tailored to the needs of the huskies that we rescue and find forever homes for. Established in 2004 - they work with you to provide services that match your pets needs and wants. From professional dog training services to pet sitting, daycare, boarding and grooming we have and conitnue to provide a service to our clients that proves invaluable. Above all else, their goal is not to be the biggest but the best at what they do. To find out more about KnowPlace Pets please visit there website at http://www.knowplacepets.com


Everyday animals are euthanized by animal control facilities or their owners. The decision is based solely on the cost of the care of the animal instead of giving them qualify of life.

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Educate & Train

Huskies needs to be active and trained with consistency. We can provide the support and materials you need to make that happen.

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Finding a Forever Home is essential for our Huskies. The application you fill out helps us find the right match for you. You could almost call us a matchmaker.

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By volunteering and/or fostering our Huskies, not only are you saving their life, YOU are helping them find their new Forever Home.

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We Can Help Animals in Need

Believing in the "We" theory instead of the "I" theory, we hope that we can save more lives and find new forever homes for Huskies across the country.

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