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Rescue Transporation

Shelter to Rescue Transport

We have all heard the feel good I adopted my dog from a rescue story.

We have all heard the feel good “this dog was saved from a horrific life and is now living his BEST life” story.

How did these dogs get rescued? How did these dogs go from a horrific life to their best life? Most dogs in rescue were not necessarily dropped off on the front door of the rescue. Most dogs in rescue don’t even start in the state that they are being adopted in. The process of transporting dogs into rescue is an intricate one and involves dedicated volunteers all around the country to make these trips possible.

One organization that Forever Husky relies on is Pilots N Paws ( Pilots N Paws is a group of volunteers that donate their time and planes to help rescues transport animals in need all across the country. PNP volunteer pilots work closely with our transport coordinator to get dogs in need to us as soon as possible. Forever Husky has transported  animals from as far away as California and helped to rehome over 1002 animals since 2016. 

In 2020 Forever Husky helped to transport 458 animals in need to rescues that could help rehome them.

458 animals in need.
458 saved.
458 animals that will go on to live their best life.



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